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The Cape Leopard Trust

Bushmans Kloof is the primary sponsor of the Trust's GPS collaring project

The Cape Leopard Trust is an exceptional organisation dedicated to the preservation of the Cape’s predator diversity. Though Bushmans Kloof is predator-free, we are deeply committed the protection and preservation of all indigenous wildlife in South Africa.

Bushmans Kloof is one of the main sponsors of the Trust’s GPS collaring project, as the Leopard is the top predator within the Cederberg Mountains. It was in August 2005 that the first GPS collar was fitted to a Leopard for monitoring and research purposes, a first in Leopard research. Our funds make it possible to acquire the GPS collars and tracking devices that allow biologists to determine Leopard behaviour and movements in the Cederberg Mountains.

The Cape Leopard Trust implements numerous conservation and research projects, as well as environmental education-initiatives. It facilitates the harmonious coexistence between these sublime creatures and the farm owners in the region.

The partnership between Bushmans Kloof and the Cape Leopard Trust provides invaluable information pertaining to Leopard ecology in the area.

Trapping and collaring of Cape Leopard Mail M18 AKA 'Stan'

September 2013

After having darted the large Cape Leopard male (M18) our conservation team (Dr Quinton Martins of the Cape Leopard Trust, Regardt Boshoff Head Field Guide at Bushmans Kloof, Patrick Lane of Cape Nature and Jeff Sikich an American Wildlife Biologist) retrieves the beautiful male and carries him to where a veterinary surgeon awaits to ensure that the male is kept in good health throughout the process of collaring him.

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