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Landscape & Climate

Bushmans Kloof is a refuge of luxury within the untamed wilderness of the Cederberg Mountains, a range in the Western Cape with an area of about 100km2. The sparsely populated region is well known in South Africa for its spectacular natural features, Bushman rock art and jaw-dropping displays of colour in the flower season. The dominant characteristic of the geography is unusual sandstone formations and turrets. These contain bands of shale, rich in fossils, dating back to the Ordovician Period, over 450 million years ago.

Earth power and the therapeutic properties of fynbos flora are central to the Bushmans Kloof approach to healing and rejuvenation. Within this extraordinary wilderness, ley lines have been identified, coursing with ancient energy, linking physical features with the ancient rock art sites of the Bushman.

Bushmans Kloof Wilderness Reserve

History of an Ancient Landscape

The Cederberg Mountains are over 500 million years old; they were already here when life first appeared on our earth. Once, water covered these plains. Petrified ripples of an ancient seabed remain shaped into the terrain. Now quartz and feldspar make up the sandstone of the Bushmans Kloof landscape.

Aeons passed, waters receded, and for millennia the red sandstone was eroded by winds and rain. Natural forces eroded the rock to create fantastical shapes and skyward pointing spires, like the fingers of long-dead giants.

Finally, the herbaceous fynbos of the Cape Floral Kingdom burst forth and flourished. Eponymous to the Cederberg Mountains, primeval African Cedars proliferated. Abundant herds and wildlife of all descriptions shared the land with an ancient people, the Bushman. They left us a legacy of mystical rock art depicting their dreamscapes, and the abundance of life surrounding them.

Sadly, the plentiful herds gave way to farms and agriculture, and the Bushman population dwindled to extinction. Yet, in homage to the beauty and enduring spirit this land has imparted to its inhabitants, Bushmans Kloof has a deep commitment to give back. We’re passionate about the protection and re-introduction of indigenous species, and our rigorous conservation practices have ensured our place as a South African Natural Heritage Site within the Cape Floral kingdom, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Activities at Bushmans Kloof


Summer days at Bushmans Kloof are very warm. Long, temperate evenings and early dawns make for wonderful relaxation and bird watching. Summer is very dry for the most part, but occasionally we’ll experience a spectacular afternoon thundershower.

Winter can be chilly, reaching very low temperatures at night; perfect for cosy, fireside evenings. The annual rainfall of low-lying areas in winter is 700mm, while higher peaks receive a dusting of snow.

Due to crystal-clear skies most of the year, Bushmans Kloof makes an excellent site for skywatching.