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Botanical Highlights

Two ley lines have been identified on the Bushmans Kloof Reserve using dowsing rods, a time-honoured method to detect the earth’s magnetic fields. The Bushmans Kloof ley lines are anchored on three distinctive physical features within the reserve, and nine impressive rock art sites are located in and around the point at which these two lines converge.

Ley lines are believed to be alignments connecting places of geographical and cultural significance, such as mountain peaks, ancient sites, monuments and megaliths. A growing interest in the phenomenon has prompted a great deal of study regarding their astronomic and geophysical relationships to ancient sites. Worldwide, people believe ley lines and their intersections are concentrated power points, where the land is imbued with mystical healing energy.

At Bushmans Kloof we know there is something ancient, deep and potent pulsing through the natural environment, something that provides great spiritual nourishment. We wonder if this magnetic power could have moved the Bushmen to create the rich and precious rock art of the area. We also suspect it is the source of the powerful rejuvenating and therapeutic properties of this unique location.