Bushmans Kloof welcomes the Anatolian Shepherd Dog


Visit and spend time with the Anatolian Shepherd Dogs at Bushmans Kloof.


27th July 2018

Bushmans Kloof

Highly regarded for its commitment to conservation and sustainability, the TreadRight Foundation has partnered with Cheetah Outreach for its latest venture at Bushmans Kloof Wilderness Reserve & Wellness Retreat. The project has been designed to ensure that local farming communities are able to protect their livestock from predators in a responsible and sustainable manner, whilst also helping to safeguard one of the region’s most endangered animals.

This sustainable solution comes in the form of seven Anatolian Sheep Dogs. The dogs will serve as livestock guardians and have been chosen thanks to the breed’s longstanding reputation for protective instincts. Originally from central Turkey, Anatolian Sheep Dogs can be relied upon for their keen eyesight as well as their impressive speed and agility and have long been used to fend off local predators. A working breed with an impressive size, they are known for their loyal instincts as well as their sandy colouring, which is intended to blend in seamlessly with the herds that the dogs protect.

Now, guests of Bushmans Kloof can visit one of these farms to embark on an exceptional local experience. You'll be able to observe the dogs and meet the farmers raising and keeping them. 

Notoriously illusive and rare, the Cape Leopard lives in the Cederberg Mountains that surround Bushmans Kloof, and the Cape Leopard Trust works tirelessly to protect this precious breed. Unfortunately, as the human population in the local area has increased, so too has the number of attacks by the leopards on livestock. This not only damages the economic welfare of local people, but also threatens the region’s population of Cape Leopards as several have been killed by farmers in an attempt to protect their livelihood.

The dogs are kept by local farmers, with the costs covered by TreadRight, and are regularly checked over by Cheetah Outreach to ensure that they are fully trained and in the best condition for their role as guardians. Fully committed to protecting its environment, as well as the local communities and wildlife, Bushmans Kloof is delighted with this natural and responsible solution to the issue, which allows both the Cederberg’s farming communities and the Cape Leopard population to flourish.

Experience Bushmans Kloof Wilderness Reserve & Wellness Retreat's commitment to sustainability and conservation when you visit the property.

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