B|Africa's tips for beautiful skin on holiday


From flight to pool, Red Carnation's body care brand gives advice for looking and feeling great while away.


03rd September 2019

Red Carnation Hotels

“Drawing on the ultimate resource, Mother Nature herself, The Red Carnation Hotel Collection has developed an exclusive body care and professional spa treatment range,” says Sally Gray, General Manager of Sales. Discover B|Africa’s exceptional products in the guestrooms and spas of each Red Carnation Hotel in Africa. From long-haul flight tips to the importance of exfoliating, Sally shares the brand’s recommendations for beautiful skin while on holiday.

Beautiful Skin

How does going away impact the skin?

“Travel is one of the greatest pleasures of life, but being enclosed in an airless cabin for the flight is a very challenging environment for the skin. It’s extremely dehydrating and ageing. Also, when breathing in recycled air, your immune system is compromised. Add in jetlag, which disrupts the body’s circadian rhythm, and there’s a lot to cope with in order to find balance and beautiful skin once your flight touches down.” 

What inspires B|Africa’s products?

“The deluxe B|Africa range focuses on the unique natural environment of each Red Carnation Hotel, encapsulating indigenous African plant extracts and the natural goodness of the sea. The result is first-rate products and treatments that harness the essential, life-giving properties of Mother Nature to calm, detoxify, nourish and energise body, mind and spirit.

Beautiful Skin

Active ingredients include luxuriant substances, such as oil from the African baobab tree, marula oil, avocado butter, honey, rooibos, mongongo nut, ximenia kernel oil and sea salts. The range uses sustainable harvesting practices and renewable indigenous species. No synthetic pesticides or fertilisers are used, and the products are not tested on animals. All the natural product suppliers support organic certification, sustainability and Fairtrade.”

Beautiful Skin

How can guests take care of their skin…


“On a long-haul flight, re-apply your skincare products frequently to keep the skin quenched and hydrated. Avoid make-up, if possible, and always ensure the skin is well-cleansed and moisturised. Try to limit alcoholic beverages to just the one, if at all. Instead, drink water throughout the flight to stay hydrated and bring your own healthy snacks with you such as fruit salad, carrot and cucumber sticks, seeds and nuts.” 

Post touch-down?

“If the muscles are tense and there is inflammation in the legs from the flight, the B|Africa Instant Revitalize Gel aids in toxin break down and the drainage of swelling.”

Beautiful Skin

Once at the hotel?

“Exfoliating the skin allows the skin to absorb moisturisers or oils better. B|Purified is the ultimate treatment to enjoy while travelling. It includes a Honeybush and Kigelia B|Africa Detoxing Salt Scrub to remove dry skin, before a steam session helps to improve circulation, hydrate the skin, and flush out toxins. A full body massage with B|Africa Detox Oil immediately afterwards aids relaxation and the detoxing process, moisturises the skin and improves circulation. We encourage guests to leave the oils on after the treatment to extend the benefits of the treatment and products.”

Beautiful Skin

After a day in the sun?

“Guests at Africa’s Red Carnation Hotels will find B|Africa products in their room, so they can experience their healing properties first-hand. There’s a B|Africa Body Cream that’s infused with aloe to hydrate and heal the skin, and a Honeybush and Jasmine Conditioner for softly nourished hair. Most of the in-room products also contain rooibos, which is renowned for its amazing healing, hydrating and anti-ageing properties.”

Beautiful Skin

For beautiful skin while visiting Africa, treat yourself to a revitalising B|Africa spa treatment with Red Carnation Hotels.

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