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Climate Week is a time we can all come together to help protect our planet.


07th March 2013

Bushmans Kloof

If you are interested in helping to create a secure future and help protect the planet then Climate Week is the week for you. Climate Week in Britain focuses on the positive steps which have been taken and future improvements which can be made to help preserve our incredible environment.

At Red Carnation Hotels we are passionate about what we can do to stay green. I know this first hand as I am part of the RCH Green Team where we meet regularly to discuss successful actions and look at new opportunities to help save energy and resources. In any environment, even luxury hotels, there are small and large differences you can make to help.

We are proud to work with WRAP and LoveFoodHateWaste organisations promoting waste reduction. Little fact: Every year in the UK we throw away £10 billion worth of food.

Here are some of the simple things we think count:

  1.  Take a tip from our Managing Director, Jonathan Raggett, and get around town on a bicycle – it’s a great way to take in a city and get some exercise as well.
  2. Go local! All of our U.K restaurants are proud to be part of the Sustainable Restaurant Association. Try and buy local seasonal produce – which helps support your community and gives a great variety to cooking.
  3. Head Gardener, John Eke, at Summer Lodge takes the raw waste from the kitchens to use for compost and fertilising – and with that you can grow an incredible garden!
  4. Don’t be shy. Tell others and encourage them to act. We include green information cards in all our guest rooms.
  5. Think about your left-overs, for example any good chef will tell you, you can make delicious and easy stocks from your roast chicken, which can be frozen.
  6. Doggy-bags are not just for kids. When you come and enjoy a delicious afternoon tea with us, we know that sometimes all those cakes can’t be eaten. We will always provide a stylish takeaway box so you can enjoy them with a cup of tea at home.
  7. Recycle. Everything, even Champagne corks which we pop a lot of, can be recycled.
  8. Looking for an original gift? Give a tree and help excess carbon dioxide get absorbed.
    Our final two tips are from our friends at Love Food Hate Waste: 
  9. Most fruit and vegetables will keep fresher for longer if they are stored in the fridge, in the bag or pack they came in. Bananas are best kept away from other fruit as the speed up ripening and onions and potatoes last longer in a cool dark place.
  10. Tips from the bakery: storing bread in the fridge makes it go stale quicker, a cool and dark place is where it lasts the longest. Bread which has gone slightly stale is perfect to use as breadcrumbs giving that crunchy topping to casseroles, gratins and can bind together meatballs.
If you missed Climate Week keep an eye out for Earth Hour taking place on 23rd March

For more information on
Love Food Hate Waste: 
Working together for a world against waste:

By Sasha Kerman. Content & Community Manager

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