How to Get the Perfect Night’s Sleep


How to getting the perfect sleep in the bust atmosphere of London.


17th March 2014

Bushmans Kloof

 It’s true that London can be quite a loud place. The city never fully slows down in the evening, and you can expect to encounter the constant clamour of the city’s denizens going to and fro. But don’t let that worry you: once you’ve wound down for the evening and have returned from an enjoyable night out, you’re still certain to get the perfect night’s sleep.

At The Milestone Hotel in Kensington, we do everything we can to ensure that our guests are as comfortable as can be, day and night. Though our location means we have the benefit of being just steps from some of London’s most popular sights – from the verdant green of Kensington Gardens to the Royal Albert Hall – inside, visitors will discover a haven of tranquillity.

 Milestone Hotel Perfect Sleep

Our suites come equipped with a number of sleep-enhancing amenities

Guests staying in one of our 12 luxurious suites can fully expect to be pampered throughout their trip. While a number of amenities cater to their daytime needs – from personal butler services and plates of bon bons to complimentary high-speed internet and fresh flowers – the benefits don’t stop when the sun goes down. We understand that a good night’s sleep is one of the most important things a hotel can provide; whether you need to be well-rested before a series of business meetings, a full day of sight-seeing, or simply want to conquer your jetlag as quickly as possible, we have a number of offerings in place to ensure that your nights are as restful and restorative as possible.

 Milestone Hotel Perfect Sleep

A soap menu is perfect for relaxing in the bath

Our suites have many thoughtful touches in place to help you relax after a busy day. Once you’ve arrived back, change into plush bathrobes and comfy slippers: both are provided to all visitors staying in the suites. There are few things more relaxing than an evening bath, and those eager to relax can light the candles placed around our bathtubs. Red Carnation also stocks a specialty soap selection, made by world-famous perfumeries, so you can select your soothing scent of choice. All suites are also equipped with iPod docking stations, and if guests alert us to their tastes, we can specially programme our devices so your favourite music plays as soon as the ‘on’ button is pressed.

Perfect Night s Sleep

Suites come with a number of personal touches

Many also like to read to relax before bed, and we ensure every suite is provided with complimentary newspapers, personalised magazines, and books – maybe even a collection of poetry. Bed lights are available for under-the-covers reading, and specialty teas are also stocked – there’s no better accompaniment to evening reading than a mug of chamomile, after all.

Just before snuggling down, don’t forget the complimentary hot water bottle provided with each bed: sneak it under the covers a few minutes before you tuck yourself in, and your bed will be even cosier – perfect for chilly winter and early spring evenings.

 MIlestone Hotel Perfect Sleep

Our four-poster beds are made for snuggling down in

Our roomy beds, many of which are four-poster, are particularly special. All come equipped with the softest sheets and plushest mattresses. Guests can even select from a pillow menu before they arrive to ensure they’re as comfortable as can be. Considering that rooms are also constructed with noise-proof windows, the hum of traffic outside fades away to silence in our rooms, creating the ideal atmosphere for a full eight hours of shuteye.


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