Palm Beach is Indulgent


Indulge in some serious pampering at The Chesterfield Palm Beach.


28th December 2016

Bushmans Kloof

After a day on the golf course, on the boat or shopping in Palm Beach, what better way to unwind than to indulge in some serious pampering?  From salons and spas to yoga and massages, here at The Chesterfield Palm Beach, we can arrange it all for you.  So just lie back, relax, and let our knowledgeable staff connect you with the best local service providers, either at their place or at ours.


At The Chesterfield Palm Beach we get the best possible people in for you. Here, we offer in-house massage services by appointment, meaning that you are sure to get the best local masseuses coming to your room for some serious relaxation and indulgence. Whether you require Swedish, Thai, Reiki, hot stone or foot massage, we can arrange to have someone come to you, or for you to go to them, if you wish.

Palm Beach

Spas and Salons

Nothing could be better than a full pamper treatment at a spa in Palm Beach.  Discover the true meaning of indulgence at one of the great spas around the town.  The Chesterfield Palm Beach is always able to arrange a treatment at any place. Anushka Spa & Salon is one place that we have long worked happily with.  Their 18-room spa sanctuary offers a variety of treatments, including a full service at their world famous Bridal Beauty Loft.  If you’re having your wedding at The Chesterfield, we can arrange for you and your bridal party to get a luxurious pampering there. And if a hair styling is what you require, we can arrange for you to go to any other salon you like, or for them to come to you.

Palm Beach


Pampering can also be active and Palm Beach has some great yoga and fitness centres where you can feel that luxurious stretch and glorious glow.  Haute Yoga is a well-established yoga studio in Palm Beach and runs classes in a variety of yoga styles, from powerful Ashtanga and flowing Vinyasa, to restorative Yin yoga. Studios Etc. meanwhile is a modern facility that provides yoga, pilates and barre classes. A visit will leave you feeling empowered, refreshed and ready to go about your day. We are more than happy to make all the arrangements for you, including your transportation there and back.

Palm Beach

Tea at the Chesterfield

In our opinion, the most indulgent thing you can do in Palm Beach is to enjoy our fabulously decadent Traditional English Tea. We will transport you to a time of whimsical luxury with our specially selected teas and lovingly prepared sandwiches and cakes. Allow our knowledgeable staff to pamper you with our freshly baked scones, served with lavish strawberry preserve and devilishly delicious clotted cream. After the massage, treatments and yoga, you should treat yourself to a wonderful English experience in our well-appointed Library or out in the Courtyard, where you can show off your newly acquired glow.

Image credits: Photographs of the pool at The Chesterfield Palm Beach © Red Carnation Hotels. Massage © iStock / puhhha. Yoga © iStock / Africa Images. Afternoon Tea © iStock / Robert Ingel Hart.

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