Recipe: Pink Power Smoothie

Start the New Year right with this smoothie recipe for that extra energy boost. 

09th January 2013

Bushmans Kloof

 The start of a new year always brings promises of a fresh start – healthy living, hitting the gym and achieving new goals! So to help you on the way we have a fresh and delicious smoothie recipe from Chef Natalie at Bushmans Kloof, full of nutritious goodness and great flavours and for those not ready to hang up their party shoes – this is also great for a hangover too!

Pink Power!

2 large beetroot, washed, stalks removed
4 large granny smith apples
2 bananas
10 ripe strawberries
1cup fresh orange juice
2Tbsp organic creamed honey

Equipment needed:
Juice extractor
Smoothie blender


Keeping the skin on dice the beetroot and apples (do not remove the core), juice them in the extractor; this will result in a beautiful deep purple liquid. Next dice the banana and strawberries and put in the blender with the beetroot and orange juices, as well as the
honey, blend for approximately 2 minutes until smooth.

Serves 1 – 2 portions

Tips from Natalie on the benefits of Pink Power?

Beetroot juice is good for a liver detox, also good for a hangover! Beetroot is high in vitamin C and iron also contains B6 and folic acid, all of which are good for one. As a result of all the nutrients and vitamins Beetroot is very helpful in that it is also an immune system booster.

Even more so it is good for people with high blood pressure  It is also suggested that beetroot are a mood enhancer.

Bananas too are good for reducing high blood pressure because of their high amounts of potassium, this would mean that bananas are good for the heart and minimize chances of heart attacks and strokes. Bananas are good for so many other health issues, they are high in fibre, calcium, B6 and are also known as a kidney cancer preventor!

Strawberries are high in vitamin C and are packed with antioxidants aswell as being good for arthritis, gout, high blood pressure and good in prevention of infections.

All in all this smoothie is super high in vitamin C and B6 and is brilliant as a hangover remedy as well as a detox aid.

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