Sustainability in Red Carnation Hotels


Find out how we work to make each of our hotels as sustainable as possible. 


Being responsible ambassadors of tourism means placing a focus on sustainability. Red Carnation Hotels takes this role to heart, ensuring each hotel has a beneficial impact on the destination it’s in, while also contributing to the preservation of the environment. As a part of TTC, alongside other travel companies like Uniworld and Luxury Gold, Red Carnation not only leads the way for sustainability in hotels through the Green Carnation Project, but also for the conservation of environments and communities worldwide in partnership with the TreadRight Foundation.

While climate change and the depletion of natural resources may seem out of our hands, there are several ways in which we can play a positive part in the planet’s conservation. Each Red Carnation hotel now has its own dedicated Green Team, which focuses solely on investigating how this can be done.

From recycling each hotel’s waste to using solar panels to generate energy, and even using scrap paper for taking notes, these efforts all contribute to the good of this environmental cause. Adding inspiration to its initiatives is The Rubens at The Palace, which has garnered attention for its impressive 350-square-metre living wall, which encompasses as many as 10,000 herbaceous plants, providing this patch of central London with a wildlife habitat. The Chesterfield Mayfair, meanwhile, has its own bee hives from which honey is harvested each summer to be used in the hotel, while the bees take on the important role of pollinating London’s flowers and plants.

Sustainability in Hotels


It’s not just the environment that Red Carnation strives to conserve, either; it’s also the preservation of the community in each place, ensuring through charitable support and heritage initiatives that the culture and community is protected.

Bushmans Kloof Wilderness Reserve & Wellness Retreat contributes towards the conservation of both the wilderness and cultural heritage that are so rich within its surroundings. This includes sponsorship of The Cape Leopard Trust, which through research, monitoring and education, works towards resolving the human-wildlife conflict that is unfortunately so prevalent. In a privileged setting amidst over 130 ancient rock art sites, Bushmans Kloof also protects the reserve’s ancient heritage, while educating visitors about the culture of the ancient Bushman people who once lived here.

Sustainability in Hotels


Ashford Castle in Ireland is another example of a successful step towards preserving the ancient heritage we are so lucky to still have. Since adding the 800-year-old castle to its hotel portfolio, Red Carnation has worked towards its renovation, retaining its historic features and ultimately bringing the castle back to its former glory.

Over in Florida, where The Chesterfield Palm Beach is located, Red Carnation supports the Loggerhead Marine Life Centre. Here, this non-profit education and ocean conservation facility strives to conserve and protect these sea creatures, successfully rehabilitating sick and injured turtles to enable them to eventually return to the ocean.

Sustainability in Hotels


Not all initiatives are bound to one location, though. Red Carnation also supports Pack for a Purpose, which encourages visitors to pack small items such as medical items, pens and toys to give to the local community; The Starlight Children’s Foundation, which is dedicated to brightening the lives of terminally ill children; and The Amy Biehl Foundation, who aim to reduce youth violence through youth and community development.

In partnership with the TreadRight Foundation, The Green Carnation Project has had a positive impact across the world – on community, wildlife, heritage and the environment, even winning awards for these conservation and community efforts – and this is just the beginning of the journey. Follow #RCHCares to keep up on the latest projects that encourage sustainability in hotels.

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