Start As You Mean To Go On: 5 Healthy Habits to Get Into


5 tips from personal trainer Andy Elliot to keep you feeling fit and healthy.


03rd January 2014

Bushmans Kloof

 Andy Elliot, personal trainer for The Milestone Hotel, shares his top 5 healthy habits to get you in shape for 2014, and so you can enjoy that afternoon tea guilt-free!

1. Start your day with warm water and lemon to alkalise your body to support healthy digestions, healthier skin, energy and weight loss.

Hot water and lemon

Hot water and lemon


2. Break the fast! Starting the day with a healthy breakfast will wake up our metabolism creating a faster weight loss and more energy. Health breakfast include gluten free oats, poached eggs or smoked salmon with gluten free oats.

Enjoy a healthy porridge

Enjoy a healthy porridge


3. Cut the refined sugars! Refined sugars is one of the biggest causes of rapid weight by cutting out the refined sugars you will see weight loss. Use natural sweeteners like honey.

The perfect natural sweetner

The perfect natural sweetner


4. TRAIN, TRAIN and TRAIN. Exercise will boost your energy levels, improve all vital organs and increase our metabolism, which is prefect for anyone looking to lose weight. Look towards circuit based exercise involved total body strength.

Train hard for results

Train hard for results


5. Don’t drink with your food. Drinking whilst eating has a terrible on the digestion. Aim to hydrate 15 to 20minutes before you eat and wait 30minute until after your meal before drinking again.


Discover tips from Andy Elliot on his blog, or  book a personal training session with him at The Milestone Hotel.


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