We Care

Committed to conservation and social responsibility

Here at Bushmans Kloof, we are well aware of our extraordinary environment, and feel ourselves beholden to the land that sustains a plethora of plants and creatures, including ourselves.

That’s why Bushmans Kloof Wilderness Reserve and Wellness Retreat is the proud winner of a host of ecological awards, including the silver for Best Contribution to Cultural Heritage Conservation by African Responsible Condé Nast World Savers Award for Wildlife and Conservation Programmes, and the coveted Relais and Chateaux Environment Trophy. We are proud to be within the Cederberg wilderness area within the Cape Floral Kingdom.



Bushmans Kloof is devoted to preserving the extraordinary profusion of fynbos species on the reserve, and flower season here is a sight unlike any other.

Every level of our operation is based on sound conservation practices. Our outstanding staff are passionate about the subject and closely monitor water quality, soil condition, vegetation and wildlife. We’ve also implemented an environmentally friendly solid waste disposal unit and an advanced Biolytix wastewater processing system.

All management actions are governed by a comprehensive Environmental Management Plan, ratified by the Bushmans Kloof Conservation Trust. Each trustee is an expert in their field, including wildlife management, botany and archaeology.

Rock Art and Heritage

Bushman tribes have lived in these antediluvian mountains for 120,000 years. They are mankind’s oldest nation. Here, in their ancestral home, the Bushman stained the rocks with oxide pigments, depicting a cultural and spiritual legacy that we at Bushmans Kloof are honoured to preserve and protect today.

Bushmans Kloof is the custodian of over 130 unique rock art sites, some as old as 10,000 years. The sites on the reserve may be viewed by guests, archaeologists and researchers. Since its founding, Bushmans Kloof has been dedicated to protecting this extraordinary treasure. Accordingly, we have been awarded the status of a South African Natural Heritage Site.

In 2004, the Bushmans Kloof Heritage Centre was opened, featuring an extraordinary collection of priceless artefacts, jewellery, dancing sticks, hunting kits, musical instruments, digging sticks and magical paraphernalia. The centre is a wonderful source of insight into the lives and culture of the ancient Bushman people.

Rock Art Research

Here in the Cederberg Mountains, amongst mystical ley lines and rock paintings, we know that it is imperative to learn more about these lost messages, and are actively involved with many research projects in the area.


The Heritage Centre

The Heritage Centre at Bushmans Kloof provides an opportunity to gain some wonderful insight into the distinctive and fascinating history of the Bushman in the Cederberg wilderness area, with permanent exhibits, photographs and much more.


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