Energy Saving

At Bushmans Kloof, we are passionate about looking after the natural environment and conserving energy wherever possible. Our energy saving efforts include:

  • Every single staff member lives on the property, reducing the need for transport
  • Lights in the staff accommodation have been changed to the energy efficient variety
  • Solar powered geysers are being phased in for staff accommodation
  • All the stoves in the kitchen use gas and not electricity
  • All of the lights in the public areas are set on timers
  • The spa steam room is only activated when guests book a steam room treatment
  • Three swimming pools are heated by using a heat pump
  • During summer outside dining areas are used as often as possible, and lights in the Homestead switched off to reduce energy consumption
  • Rain water and grey water from the baths and showers is processed and recycled for use in the garden. This helps to lessen the hotel’s environmental footprint and restricting the use of ‘new’ water for garden irrigation
  • Treated grey water is used to irrigate the lawns
  • Borehole water is sourced from the reserve and used for irrigation
  • Irrigation of the gardens are done through micro-jet irrigation
  • A rich variety of indigenous plants in the herb garden reduces the need for high levels of irrigation
  • Filtered drinking water is offered to guests
  • We clear all alien vegetation in the reserve, which reduces the water demand. Alien vegetation grows extremely well around water courses and by clearing these, the water is allowed to flow naturally, reducing erosion
  • All firewood in the lodge is sourced from alien vegetation
  • All roads are maintained annually
  • Hiking trails are carefully marked and maintained
  • All infrastructural development follows strict environmental scoping protocols before submission for final approval from the regional district municipality
  • Ecological detergents and cleaning agents are used throughout the lodge
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