Material Utilisation and Recycling

The team at Bushmans Kloof understand the importance of reducing waste and utilising materials effectively.

These are some examples:

  • Lodge sewage is treated in a Biolitix system (broken down by worms)
  • All non-organic waste is transported off the property to the Clanwilliam dumpsite, once the glass, paper and plastic have been sorted separately
  • Organic waste is used as mulch and compost in the gardens
  • All the swimming pools are salt chlorinated
  • Recycled paper is used for day to day requirements by Back of House
  • Used cooking oil is collected by a private company to be recycled and re-used
  • Rain water and ‘grey’ water from the baths and showers is processed and recycled for use in the garden
  • All old parts, pipes and fittings which have had to be replaced are kept in storage for future use of smaller repairs
  • The lodge has 11 log burning fires, which provide a friendlier form of heating than air-conditioning, and old newspapers are recycled into paper bricks
  • When we simply cannot avoid printing a document, all our printers print on both sides of each page and we use recycled paper
  • We use old furniture from the revamped guest rooms in our staff accommodation