Frequently Asked Questions

Can I go alone?
Absolutely, many of our clients use their time at the spa to get away from everyone else and to spend time concentrating on their own individual needs.

What about my comfort?
Your comfort is our business. Our therapists are there to make sure that your stay at the Spa is comfortable, so do not hesitate to inform them of any discomforts or enquiries that you may have.

Children - age restriction?
No children in The Main Lodge under the age of 12 are allowed into the Spa.

Dress code?
We suggest that you come dressed comfortably. Remember that you have to leave in what you arrived in, so make sure your dress code will suit the relaxed mood you’ll be in after your treatments.

Are facials only for women?
These days more and more male clients are making an effort to groom themselves. We promote a balance of men and women at the Spa and have designed facials specifically for men.

Are there medical conditions that I need to inform the therapist of?
Be sure to let your therapist know if you suffer from any mild to servere conditions such as high/low blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease as these are not suitable for various treatments. Your therapist needs to know as much about you in order to give you the best treatment possible.

Do you cater for men?
The Spa has specially formulated both express treatments and packages that cater for the specific needs of men.

What happens if I am pregnant?
The Spa is the perfect place to relax and recover. It is vital that you inform your therapist that you are pregnant. There are only few treatments that we do not recommend at certain times of pregnancy.

Questions about a treatment?
We encourage you to ask any question and voice any queries or concerns you may have with your therapist. The open communication is to aid your comfort level, allowing you to receive full benefits of your treatment. Do not be afraid to let your therapist know.

Do I need to take off my clothes during a Spa treatment?
The therapists use professional draping techniques to ensure your privacy at all times. Although some treatments are best performed with minimal clothing, every action is taken to ensure discretion.

When is massage not advisable?
Massage is not recommended if your medical condition may worsen due to the treatment or the condition is contagious. If you are unsure about your condition, please contact us and we will either recommend specific treatments or refer you to a general practitioner.

Does waxing hurt?
Many people are surprised to find that waxing does not hurt as much as expected. The sensation tends to be more painful in sensitive areas but each person reacts differently. Your therapist will do her utmost best to make the experience as fast and painless.

Who can help me decide which treatments will best suit my needs?
Contact the spa directly and the therapists will be more than happy to accommodate your individual needs and recommend the best treatments for you.

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